About Pippi

Pippi Johnson is an abstract expressionist artist.

Pippi works on an island in Lake of the Woods, spending the winter months travelling and in Naples, Florida.



Many galleries are working on suspended hours. I salute their determination.

My work is available on line and curbside pick up at:

Lacosse GalleryLilac Street | Winnipeg, Manitoba
Birchwood Gallery, Pembina Highway | Winnipeg, Manitoba
Chenier Fine Art, Court Street | Thunder Bay, Ontario

My work is also available on:

Etsy, Gilded Forest Studio
Instagram, Pippij


About Pippi

I came to Canada as a young child the daughter of a War Bride and Canadian Soldier and raised in the vibrant city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. After art studies at the University of Manitoba and Forum Art Institute, I moved to Kenora, Ontario with my husband. There I raised a family and taught art to young people for over thirty years. Teaching and painting are twin passions. I have taught workshops across Canada and worked part time teaching adults painting on cruise ships. A recent assignment was the Queen Mary 2 World Cruise. Corona Virus has changed our world. I now teach only one on one.

In the spring of 2022 I am curating a show celebrating my work of 50 plus years and the work of over 40 of my students 1968 to 1998 who have found creative expression key to their life and happiness. The show will be at the Douglas Family Arts Centre in Kenora April 4 to June 27.

I have been active in many art organizations, most notably Kenora Heritage Townscapes. The committee changed the face of the community with the painting of twenty-one historic murals in the city. I enjoy a quest for lifelong learning obtaining in midcareer a Masters in Art Education at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Berkley, California. I have also studied with Skip Lawrence, Robert Genn, Don Getz, Mike Svob, Geni Kell, Marilyn Crawford and Bob Burridge.

Painting in my studios every day or while traveling, I exhibit international, on line and national juried competitions. I have self – published several books about painting.

The six months of stark winter of my prairie childhood and life on Lake of the Woods, has led me  to choose color as a primary theme. I see vibrant hues, where others see grays and browns. Light flashes and moves with a spiritual awakening. Seeking always the unusual characteristics of light and color, I create works of art that intend to evoke fond memories of not one place or figure, but a combination of many images. Vintage figure are often transferred in as well as collage and mixed media. Music and its relationship of colour and design is beginning to play a strong part in the paintings.

But… Colour is the main image and joy is the message.

ADream Lies Dead Ahead

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

– Picasso

“I found that I could say things with shape and colour that I couldn’t say any other way..things I had no words for.”

– Georgia Okeeffe

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